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Plaza de Cairasco

Memory is a funny thing. There have been specific moments in my life when I thought, “I’ll never forget this” — and yet, I forgot. But it is all coming back to me now, in a blurred motion. The chronology cannot be right; I am sure some things happened before some others, but in the biographic records we keep of our journey through life, the pieces are sometimes rearranged to build a more coherent story. Continue reading


The Angels of Mons

Silence has fallen on Saint-Symphorien’s military cemetery as the sun goes down in the West. The grey Commonwealth-issued tombstones cast long shadows over the manicured lawns, and the roses have started shedding their petals one by one. I cannot help but wonder whether they are military-issued too. Previous visitors have left a handful of stones on a Jewish soldier’s grave. I do the same and walk on between the narrow alleys. The cemetery is not the largest in the region; only 513 of the 3,700 British and German soldiers who died in Mons in late August 1914 are buried here. In the aftermath of the slaughter, many of them were hurriedly inhumed in local cemeteries, or their bodies were simply accounted as missing. Continue reading