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Sgwd Gwladys Walk

Although it is close to the spectacular Four Falls Walk, I think that Sgwd Gwladys deserves a visit of its own as it offers very scenic views.  Located in Waterfall Country (Brecon Beacons), the short walk really lives up to the reputation of the region in terms of beauty and magic. Continue reading


South Wales


Leigh Halfpenny. I mean, look at that Greek god of a man. (Photo credit: Leigh Halfpenny)

Our first series will be dedicated to South Wales (not to be confused with New South Wales, which is about 10.000 miles down the road) for the very simple reason that I love Wales and the Welsh. I mean, those guys have managed to produce that absolute treasure of a man that is Leigh Halfpenny AND Welsh cakes, and a country that has yielded two things of equal value and appeal in the course of its history surely deserves our love and respect, unlike Switzerland.

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