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Why We Travel

I used to teach at university until fairly recently. Part of my role consisted of teaching first-year ESL students how to read fiction and non-fiction. Before diving into the heart of the matter, I would invariably ask them the same question: why do we read? And I would invariably get the same answers. Most students would come up with individual observations, all along the lines of entertainment and edification, which is interesting on two counts. First, their answers showed that they had personal reasons to read (which always reassured me) and second, that they were missing the bigger picture. Continue reading


Sgwd Gwladys Walk

Although it is close to the spectacular Four Falls Walk, I think that Sgwd Gwladys deserves a visit of its own as it offers very scenic views.  Located in Waterfall Country (Brecon Beacons), the short walk really lives up to the reputation of the region in terms of beauty and magic. Continue reading